Course 2 of 3 the Iot-Inc Certified IoT Professional (ICIP) program

At the core of business is value creation and it’s no different when using IoT.  This course focuses on how to create transformative value with IoT and then how to monetize it.  It demonstrates the true innovation in IoT is not the tech but how we can use and monetize the tech in business.

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Mike Mihuc

Extremely Valuable

After completing the Technology course the information provided in the Business course was extremely valuable and relevant to what is happening now. The analogy to Dog Years was perfect

Kumar Subramaniam

Loved the ICIP Biz Course

Bruce does a fantastic job structuring this course in terms of the Value Framework, Value Models, Clear and Relevant examples covering Consumer, Infra, Industrial and Commercial IoT scenarios, looking at the value from the IoT bix model continuum ...

Emanuel Maceira


This course provided me with a sound footing in all things IoT. There is an unwavering focus on the ultimate goal of creating real value. I especially appreciate the insight that intimate business partnerships are the natural evolution of IoT.

Ralph Timmermeester

Great courses, condensed knowledge

I have ordered the full package, which actually makes most sense to get the full picture of IoT. Bruce has prepared a very good overview and looks from different perspectives to this fairly new topic of digitalization. Within the Technology course...

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